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German VCs are the second best paid in Europe

Not only that, but many women get paid more than their male counterparts in some roles. Check out our key takeaways from Astrid Moullé-Berteaux’s survey. Read more >

The world's first digital nomad village, one year on

With the phenomenon continuing to grow, our Sifted reporters saw for themselves whether Madeira’s digital nomad village is really as idyllic as it seems. Read more >

UK tech startups and scaleups to watch in 2022 

We’ve ranked the most promising startups across the UK in a weighted selection of new entries, older faces and fast-growing hits.
Read more >

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Looks like the bar for tech journalism has been raised. Sifted doesn’t just write about the European startup ecosystem, I believe its in-depth and aspirational reporting actually helps make it better.

Kat Borlongan, Former Director of the French Tech mission, Digital Agency, Ministry of Economy and Finance

Sifted is one of the leading publications for growing and scaling tech businesses. We feel they have impressive reach on an international level, combined with a friendly and experienced team who have created an incredible, fast growing business themselves. They are well connected to find the very best stories.

Will Miller, Marketing Director, 
Tech Nation

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From Bristol to Barcelona or Porto to Paris, there are now some 98 cities across Europe that have produced at least one tech unicorn.

Europe has created a decentralised Silicon Valley.

But with so much innovation happening on the continent how can you sift through all the noise and find out what really matters?

Whether it’s quantum cryptography, vertical farms or even Europe’s biggest cannabis factory – Sifted covers some remarkable stories. Our journalists go beyond the press release to find out what you didn’t know you needed to know.

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